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In addition to the curbside recycling available in the communities, recyclable materials may be brought to the following area recycling centers:

Jefferson County
Connelly Recycling
903 West Gear Road, Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: 641-469-3188

Waste Management
2026 Libertyville Road, Fairfield IA 52556
Phone: 641-472-0159

Keokuk County
Waste Management Keokuk Recycling
23514 Highway 149, Sigourney, IA 52591
Phone: 641-622-3356 or 641-472-0159

Washington County
Washington County Recycling Center
2170 Lexington Road, Washington, IA 52353
Phone: 319-653-6373

At the Landfill, the following items may be brought in for recycling:

Electronic Waste

Please call the landfill for details: 319-456-6171

Car & Light Truck Tire $7.00 each
Car & Light Truck Tire on the rim $9.00 each
Tractor Tire $39.00 each
SEMI tire $12.00 each
SEMI tire on the rim $15.00 each
Appliances $5.00 each
Wood Waste (Lumber, Pallets, Brush)    Call 319-456-6171 if you have trees or anything larger than brush $30 per ton


All metals coming into the landfill must be able to be unloaded by hand. Loads will be charged the tonnage fee.

Wood Waste:

All Lumber, Pallets, and brush may be disposed of at SEMCO Landfill for $30 per ton. You can save $15 per ton off the tipping fee by sorting your waste and loading it separately. Eligible Materials must be free from contamination (Nails, Screws, and Staples are OK) and not exceed 8 feet in length. Contaminated loads dumped on the wood waste will be charged the regular tipping fee of $45 per ton plus a $200 clean up fee. 

Wood waste will be ground into wood chips and be made available free of charge. 

You must load your own wood chips. Please call the landfill at 319-456-6171 to inquire if any chips are available before you drive out .